Target indications

It has been estimated that 45% of deaths in the United States are contributed to by fibrotic disorders. Elastomics AB is developing first-in-class medicines for two of the greatest unmet medical needs in fibrotic disease: liver and pulmonary fibrosis. Liver fibrosis is a chronic, slow-progressing and frequently undiagnosed condition with no treatment options other than liver transplantation, a procedure for which there is a queue of over 16,000 patients in the United States alone. Pulmonary fibrosis is a less common condition, but with a very poor prognosis of less than three years mean survival. There are currently no marketed therapies for either of these conditions, and an effective drug product could save tens of thousands of lives with potential annual sales revenue of over one billion USD.

Other indications to be explored are the hand fibromatosis Dupuytren’s contracture, the penile disorder Peyronie’s disease, and also multiple biotechnological applications, including islet transplantation for diabetes, plastic and reconstructive surgery, and other orphan designations.